How to Choose the Best CRM for Small Businesses

October 26, 2023

Introduction to Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Companies, regardless of size or growth stage, often find themselves faced with a crucial question: “Why do we truly need a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system?” Competition is fiercer than ever in today’s fast-paced commercial world, where consumer interactions take place through a range of digital touchpoints. The answer to this query will determine whether a business will flourish or not. When choosing a CRM system, small businesses should carefully take into account a number of important factors. Scalability is essential, and the chosen CRM should expand with the company. Since small firms frequently lack specialized IT staff, usability is crucial. The CRM can be usefully customized to meet certain demands and workflows. Operations can be streamlined via integration capabilities with current tools and platforms, including email, marketing, and accounting software. The solution must be affordable for small firms, therefore cost-effectiveness is also crucial. Last but not least, excellent CRM implementation and maintenance ensure that the system is maintained and delivers the greatest value to the firm.

In this blog, we’ll dig deep into the realm of CRM and examine why it’s more than just a piece of software for contemporary firms and why having access to one can shape your success as a business owner. In the past, contact information was scattered across business cards, email archives, and spreadsheets. However, as firms grow and evolve, a centralized client database becomes an indispensable asset, streamlining operations and facilitating seamless communication. With a projected CAGR of 12.0% amounting to $157.53 billion in 2030 from just $71.06 billion in 2023, the numbers clearly depict the rising global market for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) according to reports from Fortune Business Insights.

What is Hubspot and why do Companies Need It?

Before knowing what HubSpot is, one should know what Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is. It is software that helps business owners simply keep track of all correspondence and forge connections with their leads and clients. Small-business CRM applications replace the countless spreadsheets, databases, and other tools that many businesses slap together to maintain client information. This tool’s ability to aid in organization, time management, and customer satisfaction is one of its key benefits.

4 Reasons Why Companies Should Choose HubSpot

HubSpot is the finest choice for setting up, overseeing, and tracking every channel you use to attract and keep customers. It is a smart, user-friendly marketing tool that provides you with everything you need to generate new leads, convert them to consumers, and expand your business, all from a single platform.

  • It is an Effective CRM for Small Businesses

HubSpot is a user-friendly marketing tool that efficiently manages and measures customer acquisition and retention channels, enabling businesses to generate new leads, convert them into consumers, and expand their operations. It was founded with the primary goal of assisting businesses in attracting, engaging, and delighting consumers by offering a full suite of intuitive tools and features. From creating a website to drafting emails and sending them to potential prospects to creating a pipeline.

  • Hubspot’s Marketing Automation Enhances Marketing Efforts

HubSpot’s marketing automation tool streamlines operations increases productivity, and automates email, social media, advertising, and nurturing activities, making it beneficial for startups and expanding organizations. It helps you manage interactions with your leads and customers, host web pages and landing sites, write blogs and email sequences, and analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

  • It Improves Sales Insight

Your sales staff can access real-time data on each lead, including source, website pages visited, blog articles read, emails opened, and shared tweets.

  • HubSpot’s analytics and reports simplify decisions.

HubSpot’s analytics tools provide data-driven insights into marketing and sales efforts, enabling companies to monitor website traffic, lead creation, and sales performance, target specific client segments, and optimize marketing strategies. Utilizing HubSpot as a platform has proven highly beneficial for small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Case Studies and Success Stories

  • Kuntze Instruments leads in water analysis innovation. Its sensors and systems are used across industries like food and petrochemicals. Previously, the USA sales, marketing, and service teams were fragmented, using separate platforms for customer support and deal management. This caused inefficiencies and hindered collaboration. Now, Kuntze Instruments USA has streamlined its tech stack with HubSpot CRM, including CMS Hub Enterprise for content management. It’s a single source of truth, eliminating inefficiencies caused by scattered teams and data.


  • Trello is an easy, free, and visual project management tool trusted by millions worldwide. In 2011, Trello expanded internationally and faced the challenges of translating and localizing content into multiple languages. They addressed these issues by implementing HubSpot CRM, benefiting from efficiency improvements in Marketing Hub. Now, Trello can indicate high-quality content to Google, translate it, and drive more organic traffic to their blog.


  • MyHome is New York City’s leading remodeling and renovation company. Over 20 years, they’ve worked on over 3,000 kitchen, bath, and renovation projects in NYC. These extensive, multi-team projects require numerous layers of data tracking. With their old CRM, MyHome was unable to leverage automation or capture all of a project’s details in a single view. When MyHome switched to HubSpot, they gained automation and a single view of customer data. Now, they have faster customer support, more consultations booked, a higher sales closing rate, and a faster time to close.


In conclusion, HubSpot is more than simply a software platform; it is a paradigm-shifting tool for enhancing customer relationships and boosting sales through automation. iQuasar is a certified Hubspot Implementation Partner. We are here to assist you through your Hubspot navigation journey. If you are looking for assistance in implementing the right CRM for your business, feel free to get in touch with us today. We make Hubspot work for you!



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