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Legacy Systems

How iQuasar Modernized Our Client’s Legacy Systems

iQuasar successfully modernized legacy systems for a commercial process improvement company. The client's application, developed in VC++ and C#, underwent a comprehensive overhaul to address challenges like a disorganized codebase and outdated development practices. We provided the client with a robust system by upgrading the technology stack, organizing the codebase, and introducing agile methodologies.

Web App

How A Web App Built By iQuasar Took A Client from Chaos to Clarity

iQuasar embarked on a transformative journey with a client specializing in Enterprise Network Engineering, IT, and Program Management. Tasked with upgrading their application's backend to Rust from NodeJS, we resolved a myriad of challenges, from self-hosting difficulties and UI/UX issues to codebase disarray and security concerns.


How iQuasar Transformed Banking Operations for Clients 

iQuasar has helped globally renowned banks overcome challenges in the international banking sector. By implementing comprehensive solutions such as core banking, internet banking, money transfer, and anti-money laundering systems, iQuasar improved online banking services, streamlined processes, and ensured regulatory compliance.


How iQuasar Transformed E-Commerce Operations for Our Client

iQuasar developed a tailored e-commerce solution for a global leader in corporate promotional products. Implementing a unified platform significantly reduced maintenance and support costs, while customization capabilities improved client satisfaction.

Past Projects 

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A+ Rating from Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Listed on Clutch - Top Software Developers for Government in Virginia

97% Customer Satisfaction Rating Verified by Dun & Bradstreet (DnB)

Listed Thrice on Inc 5000 Fastest Growing American Businesses List